Threading is the Best Way to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If you are prone to ingrown hairs you will fall in love with threading.  An ingrown hair forms when for some reason the hair fails to break the surface of the skin.  this can happen for a couple of different reasons.  The hair can be blocked if the follicle is mechanically blocked by makeup or oil.  It can happen when the previous hair root is pulled too aggressively and  the pores are not closed properly.  It can also happen when a hair is trying to grow in curly and curves back on itself before it breaks the skin.

Threading can help forestall this situation because it removes hair with out clogging the poors in the skin and  it makes smaller holes in the surface of the skin than other methods because threading pulls hair in the direction of growth and inflames the follicle less.  It also doesn’t use anything that may slide in and block the follicle.  There for microscopic stuff is less likely to get in there and irritate things.  Regular exfoliation can help keep skin clear between threading too.

Threading is the best choice for face hair removal because it does not leave and oily residue like some waxes can.  It does not burn you or cause skin discoloration like laser hair removal can and threading is the least painful of any of the options.

They say beauty is pain but threading is much less painful and embarrassing than an ingrown hair, and it is the least damaging to your face than any of the other options you have to epilate, so I encourage you to find a skilled practitioner today.  And if you life in the Jackson MS area come by our shop on Lakeland.  We would love to make you look more beautiful.




Does Threading Hurt?

Yes threading hurts, but hey, beauty is pain.  Threading hurts less than the alternatives and it is over quicker so all in all it’s still your best choice.


Tweezing hurts worse and tweezing takes longer.  Tweezers wear out over time and do not have the grip strength they once did.  Which makes the hair removal process even more arduous.  Additionally tweezing can only work on a hair that has broken the surface that you can see and get a hold of.  Threading gets all hair, even fine blond ones you can’t see and cleans the whole area up.


Waxing hurts way worse.  The wax is uncomfortably hot and the skin is stretched and broken down as it is removed.  Wax that is too hot can burn and blister the area and hair is pulled out against the grain that it grows which means it hurts more.  Waxing traumatizes the area that is depilated and can leave you whelped up and pink.


eyebrow threadingLaser hair removal hurts like a rubber band snapping the skin.  Laser hair removal is expensive and it is not any more permanent than threading.  So you get more discomfort and the results are no better, not to mention you are using LASERS in close proximity to your eyes.  What could go wrong with that?


Setting up a good maintenance routine will make it hurt less.  Even though threading is surprising the first time your get it, it really isn’t that bad and the first time is usually the worst experience because you have so much clean up to do.  Maintenance is less painful because less hairs are being pulled.  Also you get to a point where hairs at different stages of growth are brought into sync.  So you will find you need less and less maintenance over time.


Each hair follicle only makes so many hairs.  (Usually 5 or 6.)  Eventually regrowth will be less robust.  Keeping a  good routine helps get hairs while they are small and the roots are smaller and easier to pull out.  This helps reduce ingrown hair risk and less discomfort.


No depilatory is comfortable but Threading is the least of all evils and  really makes beautiful results, which is the point of all that discomfort right?

Facial Hair Removal for Women

Chin threading

Chin threading is a great hair removal technique

When it comes to hair removers for females or hair removing for men threading is an ancient technique that has a lot to offer.   Threading is rather like hair removal by tweezers but is more advantageous because it happens faster. Facial hair removers can be painful but threading is superior to tweezing because it catches all the hair it is near, not just one that is selected by the tweezer.

The facial hair women have to deal with can be very fine, but the thread pulls hairs that can be seen and those that cannot.  So it is a better depilatory than tweezing because it gets all the hair not just the ones you can see.

A hair removal salon like ours is really the best place to get a professional finish on your removal facial hair.  We are experts at shaping your eyebrows to complement your face.  Threading is the best for removal of facial hair because it does not pull or stretch the skin.  It also is more comfortable than waxing.  It is very easy to be burned or blistered with waxing and that can never happen with hair removal with threading.

Threading is a much more economical facial hair remover than laser hair removal.  A threading session is usually between $10-$20 and it does just as much as a laser treatment to destroy the hair by the root it just cost less.

Its not just for eyebrows either threading is great for chin hair removal and hair removal upper lip.  It is quick efficient  and effective for women facial hair removal.  If you need to remove facial hair in Jackson, MS please stop by our shop  on lakeland and give us a try.