Why Incense is the Best Place to Buy OPI Avojuice

Incense Salon and boutique is not only the best place in Jackson to get your eyebrows threaded and pick out a cute wallet or handbag.  We happen to have an awesome selection of Opi Nail colors, and sets including the totally hot shatter collections.  We carry OPI avo juice in convenient purse sized bottles.  Manicured hands are pretty but  healthy young looking hands are even better. If you care about your beauty routine and looking younger, taking care of your hands is a vital part of the beauty routine.  With all the OPI products we have in the store you can do a manicure at home that rivals the best ms manicure there is.

Your hands show your age first but all the vitamins and emollients in OPI Avojuice will help your hands stay young and fresh looking.  If you grab a bottle and keep it in your purse you are more likely to use it regularly, which is half the battle.

Even if you don’t know anything about nail polish brands, OPI is the professional standard in beauty care for hands so whether you are looking for blue nail polish or just a cute pair of earrings Incense is you one stop shop for the the best beauty care items and the latest fashions in our trendy boutique, so stop by soon and we will fix you up.

Nail Envy is the best Opi Product to Start With

Bottle of Nail Envy by opi

The Bomb Basecoat

Hi everybody.  We know you love some OPI nails because we can hardly keep opi envy in stock in the boutique and we have some great fall colors coming in.  Purple seems to be the hot thing for fall.  We like love the small bottles of colors we have been getting to try a color out or toss in your purse for last minute touch ups on the go.

I wanted to introduce you to a nail product you may not have noticed among all those fab colors and shatter sets in the OPI nail products section.  OPI Nail Envy is a clear coat solution to all your nail problems. Its the best of all the OPI products It is a topical treatment of vitamins and nutrients that absorb into your nails and make them stronger; and when we say stronger we mean you don’t have to schedule for that full set once a month anymore because your natural nails will rival anything anyone can create in fiberglass or acrylic.

OPI Nail Envy is a nails products that is super easy to use.  It lays down like a base coat under color or you can just use it as a clear polish to protect your nails as you go through your day typing important papers or playing on facebook whichever you prefer.  Nail envy quietly works in the background to strengthen and beautify your nails while you go about your business.

In a week or two you will look down and notice the change in the strength luster and resiliency of your nails.  It is an amazing product.  Soon everyone will look at your hands and have envy nail, they will comment on how beautiful your hands are.

It is always good to have a protective layer between your nails and the color to keep your nails from absorbing the pigment ,but nail envy will also adhere to the color coat so it lasts longer and is less likely to chip.

If you would like to try this amazing product for yourself drop by the store on lakeland we always keep it on hand, or you can just click over and order it now from beautysak.  They have great prices if you can’t make it to Jackson to stock up.